Less than a mile apart and linked by a seven arch bridge spanning the River Deveron estuary, the towns of Banff and Macduff offer an abundance of history and heritage, as well as everything you can expect from life on the beautiful Scottish coast.

The towns share a rich maritime and fishing heritage from days gone by, which has evident influence on local life today.

Macduff is still home to a working industrial ship yard, where modern fishing vessels are built and repaired in and around the town’s harbour, which also serves as a port for landing fish and shellfish. Macduff Marine Aquarium showcases life from the waters around our coast, offering the opportunity to get close to some of the north east’s wonderful sea creatures.

Banff is home to Duff House, a grand mansion built in the 1700s, which is now a museum and tearoom, as well as the estate’s nearby mausoleum and ice house. The surrounding woodlands offer a leisurely walk and the opportunity to spot some local wildlife. A range of shops offer a variety of local produce, crafts and artefacts.

With an abundance of greenspace and coastline, Banff and Macduff offer plenty for outdoor enthusiasts. Golfers can choose from two courses across the towns, Duff House Royal Golf Club in Banff and Royal Tarlair Golf Club in Macduff, while those keen on water activities can enjoy fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, open water swimming, sailing and more.

If you are lucky, you may also spot dolphins, seals and the occasional whale, as well as many types of birds, close to our shores too. The Northern Lights can often be spotted across the sky during the winter months too.

Whether visiting or lucky enough to stay here all year round, you are sure to love Banff and Macduff!



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