Books Abroad SCIO Book Shop

Books Abroad SCIO charity book shop has been situated on High Street Banff since September 2019. We currently stock over 30 genres and upwards of a 1000 books. All of our books are pre-owned and we only sell the best quality available.

Books Abroad is a registered charity, which aspires to support education in developing countries worldwide by redistributing carefully chosen, second-hand books. Proceeds from the sale of all the books in our shop go towards supporting our operations.

The charity’s main book collecting / sorting warehouse is based in Rhynie, where donations are received on a regular basis. Books which are not suitable for shipping overseas (educational text books) are selected and taken to Banff and are sold at our shop at very competitive prices. The charity also receives good quality private donations from the general public in our local area.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 regulations and a lack of storage space we have had to restrict accepting private donations to 3 days per week - Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

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