Imagine At Twenty Seven

We stock a wide range of high quality and exclusive art, crafts, woodwork, jewellery, pottery and textiles for customers. Visitors and customers can browse our ranges at leisure in our airy and welcoming shop, taking time to relax on our sofas and enjoy a coffee and homemade shortbread as they contemplate our increasing range of unique arts and crafts produced and created in Scotland.

Our ranges are sold in support of our charity aims. We are a SCIO registered charity (number SC046605), managed by a board of trustees who report to the organisation's members, consisting of people with disabilities who participate in the Imagine at Twenty Seven project.

The organisation’s purposes are:

- The advancement of education by provision of work skills and training to people with disabilities and adults who are disadvantaged from mainstream employment

- The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science by promotion of opportunities which allow local talent to flourish.

We intend to offer the following outcomes:

- Ensuring adults with disabilities have opportunities to learn new skills and make products for sale to the public, to promote feelings of self-esteem and having a valued role

- To promote accessibility to the public to its town centre premises and integration with the wider community

- Helping people with disabilities to have increased social opportunities through engagement with the community and to form natural networks of support

- Ensuring people with disabilities are be able to demonstrate their contribution to the community within a model of co-production

- Developing partnership opportunities with a range of community and business enterprises that will lead to increased opportunities for people with disabilities

- The Project will contribute to the socio / economic infrastructure of the town and area.

In furthering these aims we welcome enquiries from people with disabilities who wish to join the project, and support from members of the public, crafters, artists and the wider creative community.

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